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Need to brush up on Microsoft or Adobe products or learn a new program? Our online computer tutorials will save you money and take your skills to the next level, while allowing you to learn at your own pace and build on what you've learned in class.

LearningExpress Library

Registration is taken 24/7 using our online calendar or by calling Adult Services at (630) 924-2730 during library business hours. To sign up for classes online follow the instructions provided here.

We will hold seats for registered patrons for ten minutes after the class start time. After ten minutes, seats will be available to walk-ins. If multiple walk-ins are waiting, priority will be given to those on the registration waiting list in order of registration date.

Classes Offered

  • Access 1
      This class covers the first steps in setting up your own database to collect any sort of information you would like to organize and keep track of. (Having taken Excel 1 or equivalent experience is recommended.)
  • Access 2
      This class covers more advanced topics such as Edit Masking, Advanced Queries, Relational Databases, and using Wizards. (Having taken Introduction to Microsoft Access or equivalent experience is recommended.)
  • Access 3
      This class covers how to retrieve meaningful information from the database they made in the previous Intermediate Access class by creating queries. Basic select and advanced parameter queries will be discussed.
  • Access Queries
      This class will discuss basic and intermediate queries, using several exercises to apply the knowledge and provide examples of real life uses for the techniques.
  • Computer Course 1
      This class will cover learning how to use Windows and the mouse while also learning about the Internet, Email, Word Processing and Printing. This course is intended for anyone, whether they’re interested in refreshing old skills or have never touched a computer before. No previous experience necessary.
  • Creating a Web Site
      This class will pick up where Designing Web Pages With HTML left off. It will teach students how to acquire web space online, transfer their files to the Internet, weave together multiple pages to make their web sites more efficient and easier to understand, and cover more advanced HTML topics more thoroughly.
  • Customizing Your Paper
  • Designing With HTML
      In this course, you’ll learn how to create basic web pages using HTML code. The instructor will cover basic topics like inserting text, links, pictures, and background colors. While the library does not provide a location on the internet for students to post their web page, they will learn the skills required to develop one.
  • Excel 1
      This class will cover the basic skills involved in creating, editing, and formatting spreadsheets. More advanced topics such as sorting, functions, and filtering will also be covered.
  • Excel 2
      This class covers more advanced topics in Excel such as formulas, graphs and linking between multiple worksheets. (Having taken Introduction to Microsoft Excel or equivalent experience is recommended.)
  • Excel 3
      This class will provide a deeper investigation of Excel topics introduced in the Intermediate Excel course, as well as examining other functions provided by Excel. (Having taken Intermediate Excel is recommended.)
  • Flyers and Cards in Publisher
      This class will cover the basic skills involved in creating or modifying small publications like flyers and various folding cards. This will include creating text boxes and word art, inserting pictures, using templates, editing borders, and much more.
  • How to Buy a Computer
      This class describes the different places to shop for computers, while examining their respective advantages. Continuing, a discussion about the individual parts of a computer, what their ratings mean, and how to find the right computer for every budget and taste.
  • Image Editing
      This class will cover the necessary skills to manage, view, and make basic changes to their images.
  • Keyboarding
      This class will cover ways to practice and hone your typing skills no matter what level you’re at.
  • Macros and Mail Merge
      This class is intended for learning how to use macros and properly using mail merge.
  • Personal Computers 1
      This class will help students learn to adjust the settings on your monitor, mouse, and sound; while changing preferences for internet and Windows to make your personal computer as comfortable and pleasant to use as possible.
  • Publisher Training
      This class will cover the desktop publishing program which can be used to create newsletters, brochures, cards, banners, etc. It will cover basic techniques needed to create professional publications. (Having taken "Introduction to Microsoft Word" is recommended.)
  • Questions & Answers
  • Understanding Your Computer 1
      This class covers basic concepts of computers, learning how to organize files, installing software onto computers, uninstalling software, and working with shortcuts. These skills are vital for anyone wanting to purchase new programs and expand what their computer can do. This class is intended for those with little to no knowledge of computers as well as those comfortable with basic computer use but unfamiliar with these ideas.
  • Understanding Your Computer 2
      Class will cover more advanced Windows topics such as changing settings, manipulating/customizing toolbars, properties screens and startup/recovery disks. (Having taken "Understanding Your Computer 1” or equivalent experience is strongly recommended.)
  • Understanding Your Computer 3
      This class will cover more advanced hardware topics. Learning to install, remove, and update components of the computer will be covered as well as understanding the basics of how they work. Understanding device drivers and why they're important will be covered.
  • Using Email
      This class will cover the basic features of using an Email service.
  • Using Email 2
      This class will go beyond the basic features of Email service and cover the more complex principles and advanced functions offered by most Email providers.
  • Using Outlook
      All of the essential tasks related to e-mail can be performed through whatever e-mail service you use, you can use Word to write notes to yourself, Excel to create a schedule or calendar of events, and either Excel or Access to make an address book. The reason we use Outlook is because it provides all of these tools, and much more.
  • Using PowerPoint
      This class will focus on Power Point and how it is used to create slides, overheads, audience handouts, or on-screen presentations. The class will cover the basics of creating and organizing a presentation.
  • Using PowerPoint 2
      Extending on the basic skills learned in “Using Power Point”, this class will teach students to make their slide shows more dynamic and complex.
  • Using Publisher
      This class will focus on using Publisher when it is the appropriate tool, help users to become comfortable with the program and learn to create basic cards, flyers and other productions.
  • Using Scanners and Digital Cameras
      This class will focus on digital cameras and scanners and how to use them with your computer. The class will discuss what happens after the picture is taken and how you can immediately view it on your camera, save it to a disk for later, email it, use it in a letter or report, include it in a slide show, and much more. Similarly scanners will be discussed and how they allow you to take objects, pictures, or documents, and create digital images of them; with which you can do all the tasks mentioned above.
  • Using the Internet
      This class is broken down into 4 main parts, which include "What is the Internet", "Using a Browser", "Downloading" and "Using Search Engines".
  • Using the Internet 2
      This class will cover advanced Internet topics and techniques. This is intended to flesh out your understanding of the Internet and how it interacts with your computer so you, as the user, will have a more balanced understanding of what’s going on and what’s available to you than just the basic Browser knowledge covered in Using the Internet.
  • Virus and Spyware Protection
      This class will discuss Microsoft Security Essentials and how you can use it to protect your computer. Like any antivirus program, it will do its best to find and remove viruses that are lurking inside your computer. What sets this antivirus program apart, however, from other antivirus programs is that it is very easy to setup and use.
  • Windows 7
      This class will focus on basic skills required for popular tasks on a Windows 7 computer.
  • Word 1
      This class will be aimed at those with little or no experience using Microsoft Word. Topics such as creating and saving files, formatting, and editing documents will be covered.
  • Word 2
      This class is intended for users who have some experience with computers and Microsoft Word. Lecture will include using outlines, adding images, and other formatting/design topics.
  • Word 3
      This class will discuss the more complex features that Word provides. In addition to editing and creating documents, Microsoft Word has tools to create labels, envelopes, letters, and more. Mail merge and tables will be discussed. (Having taken “Intermediate Microsoft Word” is recommended.)
  • Word Resume Wizard
      This class will cover the Resume Wizard function in Microsoft Word and how you can use it to create a resume. You’ll learn how to enter in and format all your relevant information, choose an appropriate style, and make whatever changes are necessary before finally printing it.

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