Suggestion Box

October 2021 – November 2021

  • Suggestion: ***** is great! He makes patrons feel warm and welcoming into the lab at the library. He is always happy and smiling! He should be the example. He just helped me in the lab and I wanted to pass along how great he is so his supervisors know! *** is amazing!
    Answer: Wow what a great suggestion and thanks for taking the time to comment on your positive experience with a BPL staffer. I have shared your compliment with the employee and his supervisor.
  • Suggestion: I visited your library for the first time today-it's wonderful! I love libraries & the design & displays you have-as well as the books- are excellent. Thank you librarians!
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: 9/28/21 Hi! The Clean American flag is gorgeous and so is the new GARDEN! Thanks BPL!
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: When you get a large sum of money as a gift - How about refunding the taxpayer's money to the taxpayer instead of Building Froio Memorial Garden?
    Answer: The donated monies were spent on a project that best reflected the life and wishes of the late Mr. Dominic Froio. He was known to members of the community and the library administration. We used that input, and a community online survey to decide on how best to use the donated funds. The good news is that the Memorial Garden enhances programming for the children of our community and it will not add any operational costs. The Memorial Garden was planted with butterfly friendly plants - this new space will be a lasting memorial to Mr. Froio, and the community will benefit and enjoy it for years to come.
  • Suggestion: Been a patron for years and feel your employees should look/dress more professional, including managers (***** ****)
    Answer: We do have a dress code it emphasizes that staff dress appropriately. We do allow for more casual attire on Fridays . Here is the dress code. "Dress - A neat, professional appearance is a requirement. It is expected that all employees will exercise good judgment and dress appropriately for their specific jobs. Jeans are not allowed, except that employees could wear work-appropriate jeans on Fridays and other preapproved days".
  • Suggestion: 10/4/21 Would like to see Gallerie and Veranda added to the list of magazines
    Answer: I have forwarded this suggestion to the selector of magazines. We do currently offer Veranda digitally as an e-magazine through Libby/Overdrive app.
  • Suggestion: A day with Therapy dog to sit and read to.
    Answer: Our Youth programming staff will inquire with the therapy dog group we have worked with in the past.
  • Suggestion: Can the Library purchase a unit that converts VHS to DVD. Other libraries have them to check out. Thank you
    Answer: We have VHS- DVD converters both in the computer lab and one unit for check out. The one that may be checked out is a Roxio easy VHS to DVD 3 plus.
  • Suggestion: 11-4-2021 The "Lounge" at the Johnston rec facility of the Bloomingdale Park District is providing coffee for its patrons. Why not the Bloomingdale Public Library??
    Answer: We will resume Coffee service on December 1, 2021.
  • Suggestion: Put more lights
    Answer: Need more specific information in order to answer this suggestion.
  • Suggestion: More kids book would be nice
    Answer: We add dozens of new children's books each month . If you have a title you would like added our Youth Service staff are more than glad to help. You also may send us a request for purchase via our website here:
  • Suggestion: Wash bathroom floors, need to be cleaned, upstairs
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestion. The floors are mopped nightly, but the washrooms are heavily used and the floors show it. We deep clean the washroom floors a few time a year. We will be doing this in November before our Holiday Open House .

June 2021 – September 2021

  • Suggestion: I love your books! Don't you??? -*-*-
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: I love it
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: its not a big problem, but perhaps the visual novels could be moved upstairs? idk it feels weird to come down here to get a manga I like cause of all the kid stuff. Thanks
    Answer: We house manga/graphic novels in teen, adult, and youth. The manga and graphic novels that are downstairs are age appropriate for the YS department. This separation blocks our younger audience from seeing age inappropriate manga/graphic novels that are in the adult collection. If a patron does not want to come downstairs to get their material, they may put it on hold and get it at the Circulation desk.
  • Suggestion: Please consider a woman's lifting magazine like 'HERS'
    Answer: Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine is not available to libraries as a print subscription. You can access the digital/eMagazine through the Libby/Overdrive app with your Bloomingdale Public Library card.
  • Suggestion: You used to have the submission to STARDUST. Did not see it - will it come back?
    Answer: Unfortunately, Stardust magazine ceased print publication in the United States, which is why we no longer have it in our magazine collection. The digital edition/eMagazine is available through Libby/Overdrive app with a Bloomingdale Public Library card.
  • Suggestion: "Too many books, I think you mean, not many Books on the shelves." "Library is where shhhh happens." Just wanna share some funny quotes.
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: Suggestion: Love your LGBTQIA Pride display/stuff! Keep it up. Please support marginalized communities year round! :)
    Answer: Thanks! Part of our Mission is to ensure that "The Bloomingdale Public Library is a welcoming community gathering place. To fulfill that mission we strive to offer displays, programs, and materials that reflects the diverse community that we serve.
  • Suggestion: I would love an app for the library. I am always looking up stuff and/or requesting books. An app would be so much quicker. Thanks! *** ****** ***-***-****
    Answer: We do have an App through SWAN, which is our library consortia of 100 Chicagoland libraries. Users may search the catalog, look-up e-books & e-audiobooks, and renew items. View our social media updates, and view BPL programming. Search for "SWAN Libraries App" to download it.
  • Suggestion: 7-6-21 Love BPL! Love your stuff! Please look carefully at the American flag in the front. She is sorely faded and should be replaced asap. Do you agree? Thanks for reading.
    Answer: We do regularly replace the flag, but thanks for the reminder. As of September 10, we put a new flag out.
  • Suggestion: Please show picture of Dominic Froio with garden info
    Answer: We will have a few pictures of Mr. Froio at the upcoming Ribbon Cutting. We do have a beautiful large bronze memorial plaque that will be mounted in The Dominic Froio Memorial Garden. Future visitors will be reminded of Dominic's generosity.
  • Suggestion: Patron asked ### to type this for her after #### the other day/she just called the office: ##### that works in the office that sits ##### was talking so loudly on her cell phone about her health related issues that I could not hear the young girl helping me . Was disappointed but the #### was very nice and knowledgeable just couldn't hear over the other worker. Doesn't wish to be contacted just wanted to pass along the information.
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestion. Staff will be reminded that we strive to ensure that we have a professional and productive work environment. All BPL staff are trained and reviewed on our Customer Service Standards which include …"We exhibit a respectful attitude in our interactions with both staff members and patrons. All interactions are kept confidential and we respect the privacy of patrons. We understand that our appearance and behavior are linked to the quality of our workplace and our service."
  • Suggestion: When I come to a public library we would expect workers to dress appropriately. Some wear too comfy or not professional
    Answer: Staff do have a dress code that requires them to dress appropriately. It is part of our employee HR manual. Each Department Heads is responsible for ensuring that their staff follow this.

Suggestions April 2021 - May 2021

  • Suggestion: Please put some pencils near the computer terminals
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestions - we will!
  • Suggestion: ***** did a great job keeping staff informed and updated during the lift construction. what a guy! :)
    Answer: Thanks for the compliment. I will make sure to share this with the employee.
  • Suggestion: It seems like ***** does more work than anyone around here. Just want to let him know that some people notice! Thanks for everything, *****
    Answer: Thanks. I think the entire BPL team works really hard, but I will make sure to share your compliment with the employee.
  • Suggestion: Thank you for **** Computer Room. He was a God-send.
    Answer: Thanks for the compliment. I will make sure to share this with the employee and their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: Why is a piano performer asking for money on your Facebook page? I thought library programs were free
    Answer: We sponsor the Total Request Live Piano performances. We use Facebook to broadcast the shows live, they may also be enjoyed on our YouTube channel. The pianist is Kaleen Dolan, on her Facebook page she does have a request for donations. Those are a part of her Social media page and not related to her Bloomingdale performances. Thanks for letting us know that she may have asked for donations during the library sponsored performances, we have requested that she not ask for donations in the future.
  • Suggestion: Why not order Epoch Times? Very little Epoch Times very little conservative material re: newspapers + magazines
    Answer: According to the media review website Allsides, the following journals that we own are considered "conservative" or "right". The National Review , Reason Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal ( editorial).
  • Suggestion: In response to a suggestion, it was determined that the Epoch News was not ordered because of a lack of accuracy. I do not know if that is true. If that is your criteria, there would be no newspapers in the library.
    Answer: All suggestions for material to be purchased is given serious consideration within the framework of the Library's "Materials Selection Policy." When the library receives suggestions for purchase, selection aids are examined, and research on the title is performed to evaluate if the suggested title meets the criteria for purchase. Following these procedures for the suggestion of the purchase of Epoch Times, the Library determined that this resource currently does not meet the criteria for purchase due to its known lack of accuracy of information and reliability issues as an information resource. I would point you to the selection criteria and selection tools that are included in our Materials Selection Policy. This policy is on our website here:
  • Suggestion: When will Teen Game Night return?
    Answer: Illinois reached phase 5 in the Restore Illinois Plan on Friday June 11, and we are slowly bringing back in-person programs. We will keep an eye on the pandemic and if things continue to improve we hope to be back to full in-person programming ( with limitations for youth between age 2-11) by September.
  • Suggestion: American Socialism by Mark Levin Thank you
    Answer: There is a forthcoming book by Mark Levin, titled "American Marxism". Bloomingdale Library has already placed an order for this book . It should become available around July 13th when it is released.

Suggestions February 2021 - March 2021

  • Suggestion: Please order the Epoch Times. Thanks! (submitted multiple times)
    Answer:All suggestions for material to be purchased is given serious consideration within the framework of the Library's "Materials Selection Policy." When the library receives suggestions for purchase, selection aids are examined, and research on the title is performed to evaluate if the suggested title meets the criteria for purchase. Following these procedures for the suggestion of the purchase of Epoch Times, the Library determines that this resource currently does not meet the criteria for purchase due to its known lack of accuracy of information and reliability issues as an information resource.
  • Suggestion: employee attire looks untidy or "out of bed" looking. very inappropriate. yoga attire is not good
    Answer:We do have a dress code and we will have supervisors ensure it is being followed.
  • Suggestion: bath stalls checked for toilet paper during the day
    Answer:These supplies are re-stocked nightly. If you notice washroom supplies are out, ask any staff person and they will take care of this for you.
  • Suggestion: Jan 2021. I would like to thank the library for employing ****** in the computer services area. His positive energy, professionalism & helpfulness made my learning more about the Excel spread sheet easier. I had some questions which he walked me through, explaining them to me. He showed me a YouTube tutorial that I can go through myself which I'll do in the near future. Thank you for ****'s great service. I enjoyed working with him and hope you will recognize him in some way. Thank you.
    Answer:Thanks, we will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: Please update for 2021 days closed. Thank you.
    Answer:This is done - thanks for pointing it out.
  • Suggestion: hello... I have been a longtime library visitor and was always greeted warmly by the staff. but unfortunately I was in on Sunday afternoon maybe between 1:30 and 2:30, walked in and was welcomed by the girl at the front door but once I walked in to the main area, not a hello or even a glance from a ****** and a ***** sitting next to her. they didn't even look at me since they seemed to be in deep conversation with one another. I was the only one in there and I could of been bleeding from my head and I don't think would of noticed me. and to be honest I am not sure if they were even wearing masks. I have always been treated kindly and welcomed, but this was just so out of the ordinary from the library. I am not sure if people are afraid to engage with the public but I felt that my presence didn't even matter to them.
    Answer:Thanks for contacting us, and I am disappointed that we did not meet your expectations. We do have a publicly posted "Customer Service Standards" document. We will remind staff of their responsibility to follow the standards, particularly these two:
    Everyone is encouraged to visit the library and will be welcomed warmly. Our approachable staff ensures that patrons feel comfortable seeking assistance. We treat everyone with kindness and understanding.
    Providing exceptional service to patrons of all ages is our top priority. We go the extra mile to make sure that everyone who visits the library has the best experience possible.
  • Suggestion: Nobody in Library - why have a 2 hr. time limit. Sounds ridiculous.
    Answer:The COVID-19 pandemic has really upended how we serve residents. The Bloomingdale Library is proud to have been open to in-library access since July 8th, 2020; many libraries only recently moved from curb-side to in-library service . While we are proud to be open, we also have been extremely careful to ensure the health and safety of our patrons, staff, and community. We have been slowly expanding building access and the two hour limit will be temporary. The Board of Trustees reviews our COVID-19 response plan monthly and we will expand access in the future when conditions allow.
  • Suggestion: The library is small. Not a wide variety of books or movies to choose from. The upstairs bathrooms are usually messy, but that is case for most places. Staff can make you wait awhile before helping you. I usually go in as quickly as I leave. If the library isn't too busy, I'll stay for a bit and read.
    Answer:Thanks for contacting us. Our washrooms are cleaned each night and we have them "deep" cleaned on a regular basis. However, we will notify the cleaning company to pay extra attention to the public washrooms. Our staff strive to offer world class customer service and we have a "Customer Service Standard" that is part of our staff training/evaluation process.

Suggestions August 2020 - January 2021

  • Suggestion: Caller wanted to give a verbal “thank you” to the Library for the automatic renewal of her card – which she only knew because of the postcard she got in the mail. She expressed that she appreciated it because she didn’t realize it had expired.
    Answer:Thanks, automatic renewals of library cards is one of many recent policy chages focused on reducing barriers to access.
  • Suggestion: ******** ***** was extremely appreciative of how helpful **** has been to her and wanted to make sure to pass that along.
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: The office girl *****that always in there is great at sending faxes. She always is friendly and polite. She sends the faxes so quickly. I love coming here for the service provided in the office!
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: That dude **** is great. Talk about essential workers. He literally keeps the library running. Without him, the whole place would probably crash and burn. Huzzah for ****
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: If I have a hold and can't pick up by date, they should extend the hold for 1-3 days, especially during this pandemic. *Not reissue the hold again to wait longer if sent from another Library*
    Answer:I have forwarded his issue on to our head of Circulation to investigate.
  • Suggestion: It'd be nice if there Take 5 Zones where we can do private calls
    Answer:Until the IDPH moves region 8 out of Tiers 3 and 2 we will need to keep the Take 5 Zone closed.
  • Suggestion: Beautiful HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!!
    Answer: Thanks, BPL staff enjoyed creating them.
  • Suggestion: ******* in the computer lab went above and the beyond today to help me get a resume downloaded so I could get a job PPP insurance. my email was not working - give him a *RAISE*
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: Patron compliments ****. Says she was "very, very nice" and he appreciated her sending a fax last week, as well as appreciated that she suggested "sending an email" instead of faxing.
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: 'thank you' from a patron to***** for her virtual "'Tis the Season: Holiday Traditions from Radio's Golden Age" program
    Answer:Thanks, We will pass this compliment on to their supervisor.
  • Suggestion: :) Thanks for being open You helped me ace my finals!
    Answer:You're welcome. We are doing our best to provide service while also keeping staff, patron and the community safe.
  • Suggestion: Purchase book request from the author: Community Eco-gardens: Landscaping with Native Plants by Dennis Swiftdeer Paige Dennis Swiftdeer Paige Foreword by Douglas W. Tallamy
    Answer:I will pass your suggestion on to the person who selects books in that subject matter.
  • Suggestion: I would like to suggest purchasing an 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital MovieMaker Film Converter. Thank you for your consideration!
    Answer:I will pass your suggestion on the staff that would purchase that type of equipment.
  • Suggestion: Thank you so very much ********* for the expeditious & informative reply. I greatly appreciate your time, effort & consideration. As usual the Bloomingdale Library Staff to be the Superheroes for our community!
    Answer:You are welcome.
  • Suggestion: Please consider providing us with the Epoch Times- a great newspaper. Thank you *****
    Answer:I will pass this suggestion on the person that orders newspapers.
  • Suggestion: Epoch Times would be nice to have in the library.
    Answer:I will pass this suggestion on the person that orders newspapers.
  • Suggestion: Could you please order the Epoch Times? Its a new newspaper that has been advertising on television/radio.
    Answer:I will pass this suggestion on the person that orders newspapers.
  • Suggestion: Please order a conservative paper. The one that is available is called "The Epoch Times".
    Answer:I will pass this suggestion on the person that orders newspapers.

Suggestions February 2020 - August 2020

  • Suggestion: *** is awesome. **** sets up for my programs even when I forget to email about them!
    Answer: Thanks for the compliment, I will share your kind words with the employee.
  • Suggestion: I love your programs! Love the Bloomingdale Library (This was found in YS suggestion box)
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: Have more copies of newer books! Great job with being clean!
    Answer: We purchase multiple copies of books that are expected to be bestsellers. Additionally, when a title has multiple holds we will purchase extra copies. Thanks for the compliment on our cleaning regime.
  • Suggestion: Your chairs are nasty, they are dirty. (found in youth services suggestion box)
    Answer: We have all chairs steam cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Suggestion: I want to give a big compliment to******** ********. *** does a great job planning the adult programs. There are a variety of programs *** rotates so there is something of interest for everyone. As a 35 year resident of Bloomingdale it’s been so wonderful to have watched the library evolve. I appreciate all of the staff who keep our resources up-to-date, clean, quiet and having quality programming. Thank you!
    Answer: We strive to offer engaging programming. Our Long Range Plan challenges us to develop quality innovative programs for adults, teens, and children. Thanks for the compliment about BPL staff, I will share your kind words with the employee.
  • Suggestion: A preteen section.
    Answer: We do have a Tween area in our Youth Services Department.
  • Suggestion: Please get a subscription to International Living. Thanks.
    Answer: I will pass your suggestion on to the person that select periodicals.
  • Suggestion: I -heart- the snacks! Xoxo ***** But have better furniture. I love you.
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: The new DVD’s in bottom shelf are not easy to look at to bend over is difficult. Suggest to pick them higher or more shelves. *******
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestion! We moved up the bottom shelf to be easier to reach.
  • Suggestion: 1) Woman’s Bathroom upstairs- sink water- could it be just a little warm instead of freezing cold? 2) Woman’s Washroom downstairs- Handicap stall- needs hook for purse-putting purses + coats on the floor is not a good thing.
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestions. We have adjusted the blend valves on our washroom sinks. We never want any guests, particularly kids to get burned so they should only reach lukewarm temps. Please also bear in mind that some of the sinks are far from the hot water heater so it can take time to warm up. We have also added hooks to all of the washroom stalls.
  • Suggestion: Patron verbally expressed: “library has done an outstanding job” with our services since the pandemic. She specifically cited “the communications, the Wi-Fi, and the virtual programming.” She felt we provided a “stark contrast to the Village” which had provided very little, especially in terms of communication.
    Answer: Thanks!
  • Suggestion: Hi, How are you? I was talking to my friends in the parking lot and we all felt that 1 hour is just not enough time to do check e-mail, respond to it and then do the google search and go on facebook. So, we all feel that gradually, as the time goes by, it would be awesome if you guys could allow patrons 2 hours to do all this stuff. I hope our request will not go in vain. Thank you very much.
    Answer: Thanks for the suggestions. Due to the Pandemic our re-opening plan limits occupancy to 65 guests in the building at one time. We count occupancy as guest enter/exit the library, if we start getting close to 65 we will then enforce the one-hour rule. We will consider increasing the time limit.
  • Suggestion: NO MASKS ###-###-#### ***** ********
    Answer: We are simply complying with the Governor’s Phase 4 Restore Illinois Plan and the August 11, 2020 ruling of the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). All patrons entering the library must use face coverings.