New YA Books

You bring the distant near

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 05:57
by Perkins, Mitali,
Publisher Farrar Straus Giroux, 2017.
First edition.
303 pages : genealogical tables ; 22 cm
Call Number YA F PER
Summary Ranee worries that her children are losing their Indian culture. Sonia is wrapped up in a forbidden biracial love affair. Tara seeks the limelight to hide her true self. Shanti desperately tries to make peace in the family. Anna fights to preserve Bengal tigers and her Bengali identity. As each Das woman decides which Bengali traditions to uphold in America, one hard truth remains: some scars take generations to heal.

Broken Circle

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 05:57
by Powers, J. L. (Jessica Lynn), 1974-
Publisher Black Sheep, [2017]
318 pages ; 21 cm
Call Number YA F POW
Summary Adam wants nothing more than to be a normal teen. But: His mother died when he was only four. His father is an assassin, a voodoo god, the reincarnation of Buddha - or something even stranger. And his grandfather insists that people are out to kill the entire family.But maybe Grandpa's not all that nuts. You see, Adam is set to collide with a world that hovers between life and death, where entities charged with shepherding souls of the dead compete to control lucrative territories known as Limbo. Some nightmares are real. Psychopomps walk the earth. So much for normal - from the back cover.

An enchantment of ravens

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 05:57
by Rogerson, Margaret
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books, [2017] ©2017
First edition.
300 pages ; 24 cm
Call Number YA F ROG
Summary Isobel is a prodigy portrait artist with a dangerous set of clients: the sinister fair folk, immortal creatures who cannot bake bread, weave cloth, or put a pen to paper without crumbling to dust. They crave human Craft with a terrible thirst, and Isobel's paintings are highly prized. But when she receives her first royal patron--Rook, the autumn prince--she makes a terrible mistake. She paints mortal sorrow in his eyes--a weakness that could cost him his life. Furious and devastated, Rook spirits her away to the autumnlands to stand trial for her crime. Waylaid by the Wild Hunt's ghostly hounds, the tainted influence of the Alder King, and hideous monsters risen from barrow mounds, Isobel and Rook depend on one another for survival. Their alliance blossoms into trust, then love--and that love violates the fair folks' ruthless laws. Now both of their lives are forfeit, unless Isobel can use her skill as an artist to fight the fairy courts. Because secretly, her Craft represents a threat the fair folk have never faced in all the millennia of their unchanging lives: for the first time, her portraits have the power to make them feel.

All the crooked saints

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 05:57
by Stiefvater, Maggie, 1981-
Publisher Scholastic Press, 2017.
First edition.
311 pages ; 22 cm
Call Number YA F STI
Summary Three cousins who are members of an unusual family that possesses the ability to perform miracles are repeatedly sought out for their gifts while they struggle to establish free lives for themselves and navigate the fallout from miracles that happen in ways other than anticipated. When Daniel Soria, the current saint of Bicho Raro, Colorado, violates the family's greatest taboo, Beatriz and Joaquin, along with the pilgrims, must drive off the darkness.